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Tom Shadyac
Tom Shadyac, Jim Carrey
Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe
Director of Photography:
Dean Semler
Jim "I Can Make Fart Noises" Carrey, Jennifer "Rachel" Aniston, Morgan "Eyebrows" Freeman
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Review by: Curtis Raines

There are two positive things about Jim Carrey's latest blockbuster, Bruce Almighty. 1.) The girl in the preview whose dress gets blown up revealing her backside is my new number one favorite person in the world. 2.) Morgan Freeman trimmed his eyebrows. Unfortunately, those are the only two positive aspects of the movie. Jim Carrey should take his millions, meet up with Eddie Murphy and just go away.

You know what amazes me? You see the preview on television a good fifty times and you know all the jokes from the commercial inside out. Sure, when you see the preview for the first time you might chuckle once or twice. But after seeing the same preview day after day, you're completely sick of those jokes by the time that the movie actually hits the big screen. Yet, when you're watching the movie in the theater and those same jokes from the preview appear people still laugh as if they had never seen them before. A dog peeing in the toilet was not funny in the preview the first forty times you saw it and guess what? It's not funny when you finally see it in the theater, either. So why is everyone laughing? It's like the audience knows they got suckered by the advertisement to pay to see this crap, so I'll be damned, they're going to get their money's worth and laugh at every damn scene whether it's funny or not. Well, if that makes them sleep better at night, they can knock themselves out laughing at Jim Carrey making a fire hydrant shoot water into the air while lip-syncing "I've got the power."

Really, when was the last time Jim Carrey made a funny movie, if ever? I think I was too young to remember. And I'm ninety-four! This movie is flat out awful. And those of you that think it is kind of funny don't kid yourself. Check out a real comedy and then watch Bruce Almighty again and I'm sure your thoughts will change. There is no way you can tell me with an honest face that Bruce Almighty is worth ten dollars. The humor is ridiculously infantile -- fart jokes, silly faces, dogs peeing on legs and every other stupid cliché joke you can think up flooded the screen. There is no story unless you call Jim Carrey inheriting God's power to fix his life a story. And I have no idea why Rachel from Friends is in it. I really can't wait for Friends to end. Then maybe the public won't have to suffer through movies like Serving Sara and Picture Perfect.

Bruce Almighty is put together simply to showcase Carrey making silly noises and facial expressions. Every other part of the movie is pointless and adds nothing. I would have much rather just watched Jim Carrey do stand-up for twenty minutes to save me the time of sitting through the duration of this stupidity.

The one star earned in the rating is because Jim Carrey is funnier than Eddie Murphy. But he is falling into that same pattern that Murphy has fallen into: The movie and story are completely irrelevant -- the star attempting to be funny is all that matters. Well, Jim, that's one bad pattern to mimic. I guess I'll see you starring in Pluto Nash II.

(A Universal Pictures release. Opened in wide release on May 23, 2003.)


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